Istikhara method

What is the authentic way to do Istikhara method?

Istikhara method is performed by following the ways that Prophets have taught. This method needs to recite special prayers that are given by them. These prayers are recited by doing designated rituals along with them. This method is performed to seek blessing from Allah and to seek His permission for doing any important task of life. When a person is going to so any important task related to any field of life then he pray before Allah and seeks blessings from Almighty. This method is also done to know that what a person is going to do will be beneficial for him or not then Allah let him know about that particular work either in dream or by giving some clue in daily life. This method is very useful for many purposes and by using this method we can make best decision for all types of important matters of life.

Istikhara Method

How Istikhara method is performed?

Istikhara method is performed by reciting special prayers that are taught by our Prophets. These prayers are recited at the prescribed number of times and at the designated time period. You will have to read the prayer before sleeping so that the Allah can give his consent in your dream. There are several types of Istikhara methods available those are used for the different purposes. If you want to learn anything about your future life then this method is the perfect way. If you want to use any method of Istikhara then first you will have to learn it completely. Allah will let you know that you can do that work or not. There are different signs that denotes different meanings like seeing any colour in dream denotes different meaning as per the colour.

Istikhara Method

How many times Istikhara method is done?

There is no limit for doing Istikhara method because you can practice this method till you get your answer from Allah. If you get the answer in one day then you can stop doing istikhara on that day or you can continue till you get the answer. But Istikhara method is only used for the Halal purposes only it will not work for wrong purposes. You can take help of the Allah for good reasons but not to harm someone because such prayers are never heard by Almighty. You can read Istikhara to get solution of amy type of problem that we face in our day to day lives. Allah will let you about the best solution for your problem and very soon you will be out of the problem. Many people from all around the world are now dong this method for different purposes.



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