Salat ul Istikhara

What is the purpose to do Salat ul Istikhara?

To get the Allah’s guidance and wisdom we pray before him and he guides us that which path is right and which is wrong. While doing any auspicious or important work in our life we all seek blessings and consent of Allah before that that work. Salat ul Istikhara method is done to learn that the work we are going to do will be favourable for us or not and then Almighty Allah guides us that we should do that work or not and even how should we do that work. This is the method by which we can make Allah to listen our prayer and guide us the best. When we perform this method then Allah gives his guidance and permission either by showing dream or by passing thoughts. There are several types of methods available those are used for the different purposes but all the methods are based on the Surahs that are derived from the Holy Quran.

Can i get my lost lover back Salat ul Istikhara method?

There is method available by which you can get your lost love back to you very soon. When two people who are in love relationship get angry with each other and they get separated from each other then they remains in the memories of each other and always wishing to get their lost love back. You can perform Salat ul Istikhara method and can get your lost love back to you. You can also use this method if you like someone but you cannot express your feelings before him or her and you have strong feelings to attain love of that person. In such a case you can perform this method and can fill the heart of that person whom you like with love then that person will be attracted towards you and fall in love with you. Here we warn you that this method can only be used for the Halal Purposes.

Is there any Salat ul Istikhara method to get agree my parents for love marriage

In our culture love marriages do not have any space because from the beginning only arranged marriages are in practice so parents do not allow their children for love marriage. But the people who are in love cannot live without each other and event they cannot go against the wishes of their parents and situations becomes very awkward for them. But no need to worry you can perform this method and you will be able to get permission of your parents for love marriage. You will not have to argue with your parents and will not have any conflicts at home. You will be able to make love marriage with the blessings of your parents.

Main purposes to perform Salat ul Istikhara:

-To get married soon.

-To marry the desired person.

-For the success of your business.

-To make the perfect decision for any important work.

-To remove differences from married life.

-For having a child.



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